Surveying Services for The Construction Industry

M. Lacey Land Surveying offers a wide variety of services for the construction industry. We can perform all your layout needs, such as roadways, bridges, curb lines,
utilities, building pads, towers, etc. We will take the extra effort required to assure that potential problems are caught before becoming issues. We are a small company,
fully insured, qualified, and pride ourselves in being an ethical and professional team player. This provides our clients with the quality and expertise required to help bring
the project to a successful completion.

Some of our services include:

Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks

Control surveys are conducted to establish points in the field on the same horizontal and vertical control network as the site plan or construction plan. These networks
are generally established for the contractor to use to set up their 3D surface modeling and machine control system. Control points will be set in the field at locations
outside of the area of disturbance that are accessible and opened for GPS receivers.

Centerline Roadway & Curb Layout

Roadway centerline and curb stakes are generally set on 50-ft stations for straight runs, 25-ft stations for both horizontal and vertical curves, and at the beginning, end,
high and low points of all curves. Elevations are set on the stakes and a grade sheet and sketch is provided showing the cut/fill from the stake.

Infrastructure Layout

An offset stake and an alignment stake is set at each structure location, including catch basins, manholes, hydrants, vaults, etc. Elevations are set on the stakes, and a
grade sheet and a sketch is provided showing the cut/fill from the stake to a feature on the structure such as rim, and invert.

Verification Survey

Prior to starting the project, we can perform field checks to verify the topographic survey used for the design. It is better to know at the start of a project, if the data used
for earthwork calculations is correct, rather than at the end of the project.

Quantity Surveys

Quantity Surveys or Volume Surveys are for determining the amount of earth movement conducted over a period of time. This is usually completed on sites requiring
large amounts of earthwork to determine payment to contractors, land owners, and government agencies.

Building Layout

Offset stakes are set opposite the main foundation corners. The stakes are generally set opposite each other so a line can be ran between the stakes creating a box,
leaving room for the excavator. A benchmark is set for vertical reference, and a sketch is provided showing the location of the stakes in relation to the building foundation.

Building Control Surveys

Building control surveys include the layout of the building column lines for the construction of the building foundation, and placement of the anchor bolts. For building
additions, the theoretical column lines are tied into the existing columns and verified against additional features on the existing structure such as exterior walls.

Anchor Bolt Surveys

After the placement of anchor bolts by the contractor, a survey is completed to verify the location of the anchor bolts. A plan, sketch, or spreadsheet is prepared showing
the as-built location of the anchor bolts in relation to the column line grid. This information is used by the structural engineer, and fabricators to determine what
adjustments need to be made to the steel columns and girders.

Structural Deformation Monitoring

These services include precise monitoring of structures for lateral and/or vertical movement, structural deformation monitoring for bridges and buildings, and subsidence
monitoring for earthwork embankment projects such as earthen dams. These surveys include an analysis of correct survey procedures and the determination of control

Boundary Survey

M. Lacey Land Surveying is licensed to perform boundary surveys in Tennessee & Virginia. We can provide you with property corners markers and stakes along the
property line, helping to ensure that construction activities stay within the site.

As-built Surveys

As-built surveys are generally done at the completion of construction to show that all of the improvements constructed conform to the site plan, and are within the
property boundaries. As-built surveys show an accurate representation of post construction conditions for all types of sites, such as shopping centers, schools,
residential subdivisions, and new infrastructure. These surveys are generally required by the municipalities and/or lending institutions.

3D Surface Modeling

3D machine control technology has changed the world of construction. At the center of this technology is the 3D surface model. Working with an accurate model will
increase productivity, which leads to less labor, less fuel, less machine maintenance, and ultimately, more profit.

M. Lacey Land Surveying can provide you with an accurate 3D surface model created using both the engineered digital plans and paper copies. The 3D model will
represent all the sections, profiles, and details provided in the plans. The road surfaces are modeled using horizontal and vertical alignments to accurately produce true
transitions in slopes and super-elevations making them smooth and accurate.

After the 3D model is complete, we will review it and note any areas of concern. This gives the designers a chance to fix problems before the project starts, saving
everyone involved, time, and money.

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Professional Land Surveying Services
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Professional Land Surveying Services
Bulls Gap, TN 37711
Phone: 423-235-5546
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Professional Land Surveying Services
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Phone: 423-235-5546